30 Oktober 2014

At first glance, Trina Merry's latest work just looks like a woman riding a red motorcycle.

But upon closer inspection, it becomes clear to see that the vehicle itself is made up of five more nude models in body paint, contorting themselves to form the exact replica of a Ducati motorbike.

The result is an incredibly realistic human sculpture, part of the Brooklyn-based bodypainter's Human Motorcycle Project.

Trina chose six models with specific body types so that together, they could mimic the shape and angles of an iconic Ducati motorbike and its rider.

Photos of the artistic process show exactly how the models, who were painted in red and black, contorted their bodies to become different parts of the motorcycle. 

'It was a giant human jigsaw puzzle. Each person’s natural shape, strength, and athleticism helped to build each part of the motorcycle,' the artist writes on her website.

'It is hands down the most ambitious, difficult and rewarding projects I have been a part of so far.'

Four make-up artists helped her illustrate the fine details of the bike and its tires.

Lana Baumgartner, one of the 'human canvases', said of the experience: 'The motorcycle project from start to finish was the greatest lesson I've learned thus far about the magnitude of human potential in teamwork.

'The experience of transforming a small group of dedicated models into the image of a motorcycle, at one point seemed relatively impossible. The end result is certainly what validates the truth "anything is possible if you believe."'    

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