24 November 2014

This is the incredible moment a 16-tonne transporter truck jumped 83 feet over a speeding F1 car in a record-breaking stunt.

Hollywood stuntman Mike Ryan, who has worked on the Fast and Furious and Terminator 2, hurtled towards the ramp at 70mph before clearing the Lotus race car.

Martin Ivanov - who has driven cars in both James Bond and Bourne films – was the man brave enough to be behind the wheel of the F1 car at Bentwaters Park in Suffolk. 

The record-breaking stunt comes as Lewis Hamilton stormed to victory in the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix to win the Formula One World Championship for the Mercedes team.

It is the first time the jump has ever been attempted with a lorry and trailer and the drivers risked death all in the name of a commercial for data company EMC Enterprise.

Jonathan Martin, chief marketing officer for EMC and Lotus F1 said: 'The world record-breaking video has been far more successful than we could have ever imagined.

'We have been extremely fortunate to partner with Lotus F1 Team, a team that values innovation and new approaches to marketing.

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