27 November 2014

Today Oppo Malaysia has started the process of taking pre-orders for their latest smartphone Oppo N3. Pre-orders will start from today until December 20, and will be sold on the market starting January 1, 2015.

For those who do not recognize the Oppo N3, it is a smartphone with a camera can be rotated automatically from Oppo, and also comes with a variety of the latest specification - in addition to also include support for dual-SIM and 4G LTE. This smartphone also comes with support for recording images in RAW - one of the things that be of interest to photography enthusiasts.

In Malaysia, Oppo N3 will be priced at RM2098, and 3000 pre-booking in advance will receive a variety of additional benefits, including in-vehicle charger and also additional external framework, as well as a screen protector.

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