14 November 2014

A Chinese man has a basketball sized 'head' growing from the left side of his chest as doctors attempt to create him a new face.

Yan Jianbin suffered severe burns to his face when he was electrocuted.

As he opened the door of a high-voltage transformer to peer inside, he suffered the powerful shock.

The technician was left severely disfigured having lost his right eye and nose. 

Yan Jianbin suffered severe burns when he was electrocuted. Doctors are in the process of growing him a new face on the left side of his chest, (right) after he lost his right eye and nose

But doctors at the Shenyang Army General Hospital, in Liaoning Province, said they hope to create a new face for Yan.

Six months ago they embarked on a detailed procedure to stretch the skin on the left side of his chest.

The aim was to create a head-shaped mound, by injecting saline water into his chest to expand the skin.

The skin has now expanded to the point where plastic surgeons can begin the task of creating new facial features for Yan.

The next stage will involve reattaching his new face to his damaged skin.

Doctors said the whole procedures will be broken down into five complex stages.

The first two phases involve building Yan a new nose. Surgeons will use part of his rib cartilage and newly created skin to form his new nose.

The third phase involves creating new blood vessels and arteries.

The fourth is the face transplantation, while the last phase will involve details carving to finish the process, and fine-tune Yan's new facial features.

Surgeons said the whole process will take at least two years.  

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