30 Disember 2014

KUANTAN - A total number of 1220 cases of flood related diseases such as skin and eye infections were diagnosed throughout Pahang in just six days until Monday.

In a statement, Pahang's health director Dr Zainal Ariffin Omar said that the findings are based on health checks conducted on 4073 flood victims. 14 food poisoning cases were reported at Wisma Belia flood relief centre and 13 cases at the Pahang Sport's Complex.

Of the 4073 flood victims tested, 1645 non - infectious diseases such as knee problems, diabetes, and asthma were also detected. In addition, 57 injuries and 614 other health cases were found.

Several health education activities had been conducted to create awareness among the flood victims of water-borne diseases. To date, a total of 9945 awareness activities were carried out which includes talks, group discussions, demonstrations, public announcements, radio announcements and also gotong royong.

Furthermore, 6626 flood-related health education materials such as pamphlets, posters, buntings and banners had been distributed.
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