17 Februari 2015

Kristina Miles says her incredible weight-loss ahead of her wedding has left her with huge amounts of excess skin and she's too ashamed to let her husband see her naked

A mum says slimming destroyed her sex life after losing 9 stones before her wedding left her with the 'body of a granny.'

Kristina Miles weighed 19 stone when she decided to shed the weight ahead of her big day after being unable to fit into any wedding dresses.

The bride-to-be reportedly hoped getting into shape would make her feel even sexier when she tied the knot.

But newly wed Kristina says that her incredible weight-loss has actually destroyed her sex life with husband Ashley, from Ipswich, Suffolk, after it left her with huge amounts of excess skin.

She is so ashamed by the way she looks she won't let Ashley see her naked, the Daily Mail reports.

Kristina has been turned down for skin removal surgery on the NHS - and is unable to meet the estimated £10,000 cost of a private operation.

She now fears that she will have to put the weight she lost to save her marriage and says she feels sick with anxiety about her situation.

Mum-of-three Kristina said: "I cannot stay like this. It's like being locked in a prison of skin.

"I just wanted to look good on my wedding day but dieting for my wedding has destroyed everything."

She said she felt like she was hiding 'horror' beneath her wedding dress when she was getting married.

Kristina said her the excess skin has ruined the first year of her marriage, and sometimes feels like cutting it off herself.

Kristina's weight loss saw her slim down from a size 24 to a size 14.
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