13 Februari 2015

If Kim Kardashian and Beyonce have told us anything it's that big bums are big business. 

Now Debenhams is giving you the chance to enhance that all important asset with a pair of £45 bottom-boosting jeans.

The new denims, designed by Jasper Conran, can add up to two extra inches to your derriere and have proved an instant success for the high-street chain.

Indeed, the Shape Enhancing Jeans are said to be flying off the shelves, purchasing by women looking for a more shapely figure. 

It's a confusing turnaround for many long suffering partners as women trying on these denims and asking 'does my bum look big?' will no doubt be hoping for a resounding 'yes', in response.

The innovative new jeans, which discreetly lift and boost behinds, were only introduced this week but already sales have exceeded expectations.

The secret to the new jeans' success is a clever combination of cheek-enhancing cut, expert tailoring, and heavier denim strategically built in to give extra bulk and curve, turning a shapeless bottom into rear of the year.

Control panels at the front also flatten the tummy to emphasise the effect, while the position of the darts in the denim give a flattering hourglass effect.

The bottom line can be an extra two inches on vital statistics, as well as a significant 20 degree rise in overall curvature to the rear.

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