11 Mac 2015

A Spanish politician has stripped off in her campaign posters as she bids to become mayor of Portugalete in Bilbao.

Yolanda Couceiro Morin, a member of the right-wing Party for Freedom - Clean Hands, poses nude with the words 'politicians have left us stark naked' covering her private parts. 

She hopes the 'eye-catching' poster will grab the town's attention and establish her party as the alternative to left-wing parties known as 'la casta', Spanish Daily 20 Minutos reported.

The term was developed by supporters of the left-wing protest party Podemos who use it to describe them as the political elite or 'caste'.  

Portugalete has around 47,000 inhabitants and is currently run by Mikel Torres from the left-wing Socialist Party of the Basque Country.

Morin is her party's only candidate in the Basque region even though it has hundreds of candidates running for mayoral roles across Spain.

She claims that her party is 'directly involved in the cleaning up of Spanish politics' and the far-right pressure group has a history of going after high-profile Spanish figures.

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