13 Mac 2015

A woman with humongous breasts is looking for love, as she pleads: "It’s time for them to find a man."

Kristy Love's breasts weigh a whopping 15.8lbs each, equalling the weight of a small child.

Initially she felt embarrassed by them, and they even get in the way while she cooks.

"Sometimes they get in the pot, sometimes they get in the pan," she said.

"Sometimes they get caught on the burner."

But now she feels it is time to celebrate them.

She said: "My boobies do not need to be alone.

"It’s time for them to find a man."

While they used to be a hindrance, with the 36-year-old feeling that they were so big they had prevented her from getting a job, she now uses them to help her out in every day life.

She added: "I carry everything in there; perfume, cell phone, car keys, driving license."

The love seeker, from Atlanta, Georgia, works as a masseuse and earns more than a thousand dollars a day ribbing and smothering clients with her massive boobs.
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